Astia Caribel Trading
Chocolate Wholesale Thailand

We trade Thailand's best chocolate brands at affordable prices. Our services are available in both Thai and English.

Our Sortiment

Our sortiment includes many established chocolate brands such as:

Barry Callebaut Thailand
Chocoland Thailand
Van Houten Thailand
Patissier Thailand
Belcolade Thailand
Hershey Thailand
Delizia Thailand
Bensdorp Thailand
Bäckerei Thailand

Our Expertise

We provide a wide range of services to businesses and consumers.

  • We work together with many local & international partners and provide you with a lot of experience about the chocolate market.

    Based in Thailand

  • Wide selection of chocolate, cocoa powder & butter as well as other ingredients from all round the world.

    Premium Selection

  • High quality products at a cheap price. We have direct supply chains with several manufacturers from Thailand and other countries.


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Astia Caribel Trading Co., Ltd.
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Astia Caribel Trading Co., Ltd.
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ระยอง 21000